Use the Correct Fluid “Now” or Pay For it “Later”

automatic trans fluid types

Picking the Best Transmission Fluid Types The variety of transmissions found in today’s cars, pickup trucks, SUV’s, vans and motor homes means that there are a variety of different automatic transmission fluid types required to insure correct operation.  Costs to repair the internal damage that results from using an incorrect fluid can be thousands of … Read more

Fluid Level Checks on Automatic Transmissions Without Dipsticks

transmissions without dipstick

No Transmission Dipstick Making automatic transmissions with no transmission dipstick seems like a strange thing for manufacturers to do, but looking at it from their point of view might make sense.  If a vehicle that’s under warranty is damaged internally because the owner or a mechanic overfills the transmission, the manufacturer may end up having to … Read more

The Secret to Extended Automatic Transmission Life

extending automatic transmissions life

Secret to Long Automatic Transmission Service The secret is to control the temperature of the automatic transmission fluid. When you can’t do this due to driving conditions be sure to change the fluid regularly. Heat is Your Transmissions Greatest Enemy Overheating is responsible for the majority of automatic transmission failures.  Normal temperatures run about the … Read more