The primary function of the differential is to transfer power from the driveshaft to the wheels. That transfer must take place smoothly, even while your car is turning. On turns, the outer wheels turn faster than the inner wheels, so the differential internal gears allow for smooth turning.

Another common function of the differential is to allow both wheels to drive equally in slippery conditions. The differential can have positive traction clutches or locking mechanisms to stop one wheel from slipping. These differentials may require special gear oil or require additives during differential service.

The only maintenance service that can be performed on a differential is to replace its gear oil, or fluid, at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Changing fluid is important because it becomes contaminated over time by small flakes of metal worn off of bearings and gears during normal use. Replacing the fluid removes these fragments of metal and reduces unnecessary wear to internal components.

In addition, the load carried by most powertrain components results in a build up of heat which reduces the lubrication properties of the oil. Replacing the differential fluid allows it to properly lubricate and preserve the life of the internal gears and bearings.

A differential service is usually done by sucking out the old fluid and replacing it with new fluid and additives, if required. Some differentials have a drain plug at the bottom that can be removed to let the fluid run out. Many technicians like to remove the rear cover of the differential to drain the fluid. This allows them to clean the inside of the case and to remove any accumulated metal shavings from the magnet attached to this cover.

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