If you own a rear-wheel or four-wheel drive car, pick-up truck, or SUV, it is possible there may be a front as well as a rear driveshaft. These components carry the engine’s power from the transmission or transfer case to the vehicle’s differential. Since you drive over dips or bumps and carry varying loads, the driveshaft requires u-joints to allow it to flex during these conditions.

These shaft u-joints or CV joints have bearings lubricated by grease. Some joints have grease fittings that should be lubed every time the oil is changed. Other joints have no fittings and are packed with grease until the joint fails. When joints fail, whether from normal wear or lack of maintenance, they become stiff or loose. Driveshaft repair replaces any or all joints that have or are close to failing.

Depending on the length of the shaft, there will be at least two and possibly three joints. Repair shops will usually replace all joints when one has failed since one failure usually means the others are also worn and close to failing. Replacing all joints at the same time can save the expense of having to remove the driveshaft for another repair within a short period of time.

You may be wondering how you know if your vehicle needs joint replacement. Some of the most common symptoms of bad joints are:

  • Vibration felt at your feet that grows stronger as you accelerate
  • A chirping noise under your vehicle when backing up
  • A low-speed squeak that goes away as speed increases
  • A clunk noise when shifting into drive or reverse

Like many automotive repair problems that are caught early, joint repairs are usually not that expensive. Waiting too long to replace a failed or worn joint, however, can cause enough damage to the shaft that it must also be replaced. That could cost three to five times as much as joint replacement.

To avoid the expense of premature driveshaft repair work, ask your auto repair or maintenance shop to lubricate joints with fittings whenever your engine oil is changed.

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