Clutch replacement can be an expensive repair for your manual transmission car, pick-up, or SUV. If you suspect your vehicle’s clutch may be in need of attention, knowing some basic information about clutches can help you know what questions to ask to get a quality repair and save money.

While the ins and outs of clutch replacement or repair is too complex to fully explain here, let’s split clutch problems and their symptoms into two sections to help simplify. The first section relates to problems caused by parts inside the clutch – the pressure plate, clutch disc, and throw-out bearing. Symptoms of problems with these components include:

  • Hard or difficult shifting
  • Shudder when letting out the clutch pedal
  • Clutch slippage
  • Squeal noise when clutch pedal is pushed in or let out
  • Gears that grind with shifting
  • Weak clutch pedal that doesn’t spring back up after release

These symptoms usually indicate need for clutch replacement and either repair or replacement of the flywheel. A clutch kit normally includes all the parts needed for a repair on just about any vehicle – pressure plate, clutch disc, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing. As flywheels vary widely from car to car, they can be a large component of the final cost of any repair.

The second set of problems relate to hydraulic or other components that are external to the clutch. Notice there is some overlap with symptoms listed in the first set:

  • Difficulty shifting
  • Grinding going into gear
  • Clutch pedal is hard to push in
  • Clutch pedal falls to the floor or is very easy to push
  • Clutch fluid leaking under the dash

These problems may require adjustment of the clutch cable (or linkage in older model vehicles) and repair or replacement of any number of components such as the clutch cable, a leaking master cylinder, slave cylinder, and a leaking or cracked hydraulic hose.

While the clutch replacement information on this page is basic, we hope it has been helpful. Having an elementary grasp of clutch terminology and how clutch problems and their symptoms can overlap helps you in asking questions and providing useful information to get the best repair for your vehicle.

At Wayne’s Transmissions, we gather a detailed description of the symptoms you’ve noticed, test drive to validate them, and then provide a written estimate of all parts and labor costs involved. If the repair requires disassembly of the clutch to inspect internal components, the estimate may require adjustment. The final cost is also dependent on the condition of the flywheel and rear main engine oil seal.

With over 46 years serving the Boise community, our master transmission repair technicians can give you the clutch replacement, transmission, and drive train service and repair you need and save you money in the process. Call today or visit online to request an appointment.

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