Wayne's Transmissions signWayne’s Transmissions has been providing drivetrain and transmission service and repairs since 1968. Our two technician master builders each have over 30 years of experience in diagnosing and repairing automatic and manual transmissions.

Most people know it’s the transmission that drives the car’s wheels. What many don’t understand how the transmission and drivetrain systems, while different, work together to connect a vehicle’s wheels to the energy from the engine.

Whether discussing front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or four wheel drive vehicles, each has a drivetrain made up of all or some of these key components that assist the transmission in turning the wheels of your car, truck, or SUV:

  • Driveshaft
  • Transfer case
  • Differential
  • Drive axle

Working on transmission and drivetrain systems found on todays’ vehicles requires highly specialized training and tools to handle the advanced electronics and precision mechanical components. Even removing and replacing a transmission requires technical expertise to insure problems don’t result from poor installation techniques.

General repair technicians and mechanics usually don’t have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the same quality transmission repairs that our skilled transmission mechanics offer. Since we specialize at Wayne’s Transmissions, we can provide our customers with the best drivetrain and transmission service and repairs. That’s the reason we don’t offer general auto repair like many of the transmission shops in our area such as Aamco Transmissions, Economy Transmission Service, and Bobby’s Transmission Center.

With our specialized focus on drivetrain and transmission service and repairs, you can be confident our work will be of superior quality. And not only does our work come with excellent warranty coverage, we strive for 100% satisfaction along with saving you money in the process.

Transmission Service and Repairs Offered at Wayne’s Transmissions in Boise:

Wayne's Transmission buildingTransmission Repair or Replacement
Transmission Fluid Replacement
Transmission Warning Light Diagnosis
Manual Transmission Repair
Manual Transmission Fluid Service
4 Wheel Drive Repair
Automatic Transmission Service
Clutch Repair Service
Clutch Replacement
CV Joint Drive Axles
Driveshaft Service
Drivetrain Repair
Differential Repair
Differential Fluid Service
Check Engine Light Diagnosis
Transmission Pre-purchase Inspection
Towing Service
Transfer Case Repair
Transfer Case Fluid Service

With over 46 years serving customers in Boise our transmission repair shop specializes in drivetrain and transmission service and repairs for most domestic and foreign cars and light pick-up trucks. Call today to speak with one of our ASE certified master transmission builders or request an appointment online and we’ll call you back.