Automatic transmission repair involves partially disassembling your car’s transmission and repairing a portion of it or removing it from your vehicle to do major repair work. The automatic transmission is one component in your vehicles drivetrain. It takes the power from the engine and connects it to your cars wheels with axles or a driveshaft.

You may become aware that your vehicle needs automatic transmission repair work if you feel hard jerks or hear clunking when it shifts. If you haven’t noticed any shift problems, you may have a message or light on your dash saying there is a transmission related problem your vehicle’s computer has identified. The purpose of these warnings is to notify you to take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop before additional damage is done.

Here is a list of symptoms you may experience if there is a transmission problem:

  • A warning message or light displayed on the dash
  • A vehicle that will not move
  • Harsh shifting or clunk noises during shifts
  • Engine speed or RPM that is higher than normal
  • Engine that seems to lack power

Transmission Overhaul

You may need only minor automatic transmission repairs to correct the problem, or your transmission may need a total rebuild or overhaul. An overhaul starts after the transmission is removed. Then it is completely disassembled. All parts that are automatically replaced like – seals, gaskets, bushings, bearings, and clutches – are discarded.

All remaining parts are inspected to determine if their condition suggests they can last another 100 thousand miles or 5 to 6 years if reused for this rebuild. Any components that fall outside that standard are discarded and will be replaced. The reusable parts and the transmission case are cleaned in a pressurized washer to remove all old clutch debris and any metal residue.

New bushings are installed into the case along with all rebuilt clutch packs, seals, pistons and valves. Any updates to the case or components are performed to upgrade the transmission to better than factory original condition and functionality.

When the rebuilt transmission is fully assembled it is ready to be re-installed. Before that happens the transmission cooler in the radiator is flushed clean and checked for any restrictions. Any rubber cooler hoses that are brittle, cracked, leaking, or have other signs of damage will be replaced after the transmission is re-installed.

This brief description of automatic transmission repair or overhaul will usually cost between $2000 and $4000.00. It goes without saying that no one wants to pay this type of repair expense unless absolutely necessarily.

At Wayne’s Transmissions our goal is to give you a superior transmission overhaul or repair so you won’t need to overhaul this transmission again. But we also tell our customers they have to do their part. The “secret to long life” is routine oil and filter service. Paying for this $100 to $150.00 maintenance service expense once a year is nothing when compared to the cost of a transmission overhaul.

We have over 46 years of operation in Boise specializing in transmissions and drivetrain service and repair. Call or stop by the shop to schedule an appointment if your transmission needs attention. Let us show you what excellent transmission repair and maintenance service looks like.

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