Manual Transmission Repair

Manual transmissions normally operate smoothly and quietly during shifts. If this is not how your car, truck or SUV sounds or feels during shifting, it might mean it’s time for manual transmission repair. Catching a problem early, when it is small, can keep it from becoming a bigger and more expensive problem. A minor problem ignored for too long can shift from a transmission repair to a transmission overhaul.

If your transmission is starting to make a grinding noise when shifting into gear or seems harder than usual to move into first gear or reverse, make an appointment with your transmission shop as soon as you can. The noisy or difficult shift could be caused by a problem within the transmission or within the clutch. A transmission specialist can find the cause of the problem and save you money with a scheduled repair instead of unscheduled breakdown.

When properly maintained, the normal lifespan of a manual transmission is thousands of miles. The internal components are designed to last for years, as long as gears are shifted correctly and the transmission fluid is periodically changed and kept from dropping below the proper level. Problems occur when these conditions are not met.

Within the transmission itself, the fluid will degrade over time and lose its lubricating properties. It must be changed to prevent excessive wear to the internal components that can cause shifting problem. The fluid level must also be kept at the proper level since proper shifting can’t happen in an environment that is too “dry”.

The clutch hydraulic system is part of the transmission system though external to the transmission itself. It also requires a proper fluid level within the master cylinder, slave cylinder, and the hydraulic lines that connect them. An oil leak within this system interferes with proper shifting and causes problems.

Normal wear happens, but an attentive driver will pay attention to minor difference in shifting, changes to the “feel” of the clutch pedal, and noises that are more noticeable than usual. These “symptoms” can be early signals that a problem is developing. The cost to repair a few worn internal components is much less than the cost for a complete manual transmission repair or overhaul.

If you’re noticing some “symptoms”, don’t ignore what may be as simple as a cable adjustment or adding hydraulic fluid to the master cylinder. At Wayne’s Transmissions, we test drive your vehicle, quickly pinpoint the source of your transmissions problem, and give you a fair and honest quote to correct the problem.

If diagnosis reveals the source is an internal problem that requires manual transmission repair, we estimate the repair cost and give you an initial quote. Once the transmission is disassembled and the exact problem is identified, the estimate is adjusted to provide you an exact cost for the parts and labor necessary to complete the repair and get you and your vehicle back on the road.

With over 46 years serving the Boise community, Wayne’s Transmissions specializes in automatic and manual transmission repair. We guarantee our work and strive for 100% customer satisfaction so you can be confident you’ll get the quality you want and deserve.

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