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How to Help Your Automatic Transmission with Fluid Additives

Save Money with a Good Additive

Fluid additives are all over the parts stores and on special high visibility shelf locations in the stores. They are sometimes sold as what sounds like “the savior” for your automatic transmission. We all know what snake oil is and some of these may fall into that category so be careful.

Many of these additives make promises of helping your automatic transmission last longer, while others almost sound like they stop leaks and make your transmission like new.

In most cases these consumer-oriented products are not the best thing for you to put into your transmission.  They very seldom deliver on their promises.

At Wayne’s Transmissions we do use additives that are very effective and can extend the life of your automatic transmission.  These are not the additives you see on the shelf in a parts store.  These products make claims that are more realistic like:

  • Remove varnish from internal components
  • Prevent fluid oxidation
  • Provide additional resistance to heat damage
  • Modify friction to improve transmission performance

So don’t waste your money on these “fix in a can” additives.  If you are having problems with your transmission get it checked out early by a professional mechanic like Wayne.  If an additive will help he will have the best product for your transmission.

Start with a High Quality Transmission Fluid

Mobile1 Transmission Fluid
M1 Transmission Fluid

One of the best initial steps to take with a transmission that is acting up is to have it inspected and serviced by a shop who will install high quality transmission fluid as part of their service.  Wayne’s uses Mobile 1 fluid because of the protection it gives your transmission.

If you are having problems contact us today for an appointment to have your transmission evaluated.  Call us at (208) 322-1236 or email us and we will call you to see how we can help.


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