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At Wayne’s Transmissions in Boise we specialize in diagnosis and repair of automatic or manual transmission and clutch repair. We also specialize in front and rear drive differentials, transfer cases, and drive axles. We are confident that our ‘extreme focus’ on these very technical and electronically advanced automotive systems will allow us to exceed your expectations.  These specialized components are not something that general repair shops diagnose and repair.  We perform these services on most import and domestic cars, pick-ups, trucks and SUVs.

The electronically controlled transmissions found on most vehicles today frequently have 2 to 3 computers that send data from various sensors to the computer controlling a car’s transmission.  Because of the complexity involved, a very detailed and specific diagnostic process is required to accurately determine where the actual fault lies.  Here at Wayne’s Transmissions, we follow systematic procedures to successfully diagnose these complex problems.

Below, you will find categories of the types of services we provide with detailed information that follows:

Check Engine or Transmission Light Diagnosis

This requires extensive knowledge and training about the function of the car’s computer and how it controls or affects the operation of the transmission in today’s cars and trucks.  A complete scan of the computer is needed to determine if the problem lies in the electronics that control the transmission or in the transmission itself.

Many times the warning light is on due to a minor component failure rather than a major transmission breakdown.  Our expert diagnostic technician will

  • connect a scanner to the on-board computer of your car or truck
  • retrieve any trouble codes present
  • analyze the codes with OEM diagnostic charts, factory bulletins, or aftermarket technical information
  • pinpoint the exact cause of the problem

Inspection and Analysis

During this procedure, our ASE certified technician will complete a visual inspection to look for leaks or other problems that could contribute to improper shifting in the transmission.  To ensure that the exact cause of your complaint is pinpointed, each analysis involves 4 steps:

  1. Checking the level and condition of your transmission, differential and transfer case fluid to ensure they have the correct fluid type at the proper level.
  2. Performing a road test to verify the problem you are having and evaluate for
    •  shifting through all gears at the proper times & speeds
    • noises or vibrations that might be present
    • application of the torque converter clutch
    • 4×4 operation and performance
  3. Placing your vehicle on a lift to inspect for
    • leaks from gaskets or seals
    • poor electrical connections
    • excessively worn vacuum hoses, shift cables, engine mounts, transmission mounts, or boots
    • defective, noisy or worn U-joints, CV joints, axles or shafts
  4. Checking the wiring that connects electronic components, such as solenoids and sensors, to ensure they are not cracked or broken and are making good connection.

After we have done the full analysis and pinpointed the cause of your problem, you will be given a fair price estimate on what is required to get your car, pick-up truck or SUV back on the road.

Automatic Transmission Service and Repair

If the inspection and analysis indicates service or maintenance is needed, the work will be scheduled and performed.

  • If fluid leaks are the problem, your estimate will include the recommended corrective action to stop the leaks.  Where the leak is located will determine whether the repair will be a major or minor one.
  • If internal components are not working correctly, the transmission will be removed, disassembled and fully inspected.  Any worn or defective part within the transmission will be replaced.  Then the transmission will be reassembled using all new seals, gaskets, bushings, clutches and o-rings.

The replacement parts we use will obviously very depending on your vehicle type, whether domestic or import.  Because of their years of experience, our technicians are familiar with weak links characteristic of certain transmissions and can quickly identify and replace or make modifications to components to achieve a better repair.

All adjustments made and settings will be restored to manufacturer specifications or better.  Many of the repairs we perform correct weaknesses in transmissions that have been there since the vehicle rolled off the assembly line at the factory.

Once the problem has been repaired to our satisfaction, your vehicle will be driven to ensure everything is working correctly before we return it to you.

Clutch Repair and Service

Though manual transmissions are more common in import models, they are not uncommon in domestic cars, trucks and SUV’s.  Manual transmission clutches all have normal wear over time and require replacement.  They can also have linkage or hydraulic components that wear or fail.  To verify your complaint, we will drive your vehicle, make a thorough inspection, and advise you of what is needed to correct the problem.

  • If it is determined that the problem is due to failure of an internal clutch component, the transmission must be removed to gain access to that component (i.e. pressure plate, clutch disc, flywheel, throw-out bearing).
  • If the problem relates to the hydraulic or mechanical linkage, the repairs may be corrected externally without having to remove the transmission.  There are a few exceptions to this.

After the transmission is reinstalled and the fluid is topped off, the clutch is adjusted (or bled) as needed.  The vehicle is then road tested to ensure proper clutch operation.

Four-Wheel (4×4) Drive Services

The primary components of a 4×4 drive train include the front and rear differentials, transfer case, drive axles, transmission and drive shafts.  Service and repair of 4x4s may involve:

  • Drive axle and driveshaft U-joints (universal joints) that either require lubrication at regular service intervals or are non-serviceable and will run until they fail and need replacing
  • Differentials and transfer cases that require scheduled maintenance to drain and refill the fluids
  • Noisy, worn or loose components that need replacement

Here at Wayne’s Transmissions, we are directly connected to automotive transmission industry leaders for diagnostic assistance and support with advanced repairs and difficult problems.  We also use Mitchell1 OnDemand 5 software for up-to-date technical information and factory bulletins.

Our commitment is to give our customers the best transmission and clutch repair service in Boise and the Treasure Valley with fair prices and a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty.  Give us the chance to show you what exceptional work we can do for your car, truck, or SUV.

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